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A podcast for spiritual misfits, modern mystics, and folks tending the sacred within everyday life. We talk about practical spirituality and somatics, energy and embodiment; eroticism, ecology, eschatology; vocation, identity, queerness, race; and how to ‘be in a good way’ with the complex and ever changing web of life.

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Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

If you're a highly sensitive person, even though you might LOVE the holiday season, you might also struggle with feeling:
~like it doesn't take much to make you completely overstimulated (resulting in sensory shut down, grumpiness, irritability or relational avoidance)
~guilt or disappointment for not being able to show up for or thoroughly enjoy ALL THE THINGS (which might result in trying to do so perfectly through gritted teeth OR not even wanting to try and cancelling everything)
~paralyzed or overwhelmed by options, the demands of others, OR your own desires (possibly resulting in going into full hibernation mode and watching Netfilx for the next 2 months)
If any of these sound familiar, I'm talking to you.
I'll share 3 essentials of Holiday Self-Care for Highly Sensitive People, with a bonus very simple energy medicine practice to support flexible but firm energetic boundaries for your holiday season.
Check out my seasonal offerings here:
Nourish: A Winter Solstice Retreat:
Holy Darkness: An Advent-Solstice Pilgrimage:

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

What does it take to de-center whiteness and create spaces where ALL people can experience nourishment?
What does it look like to nurture harmony experience healing together amidst systems of oppression that impact each of us so differently?
How might spiritual practice support us in these endeavors?
These are the questions I explore with my colleague and collaborator, Rhea Goodrum, in preparation for this year's winter solstice Nourish retreat.
Rhea is a Chamorrita with roots from Guam in the Mariana Islands.  She is a spiritual activist, and seeks to reconnect us to the wisdom and life skills of Indigenous Peoples to nourish our personal rhythm, and the rhythms of our environment. 
In this episode, Rhea shares about her eclectic spiritual journey, her experience as a participant of the Nourish retreat, and what she aims to offer to other women of color in that space.
We wade into the awkward waters of ancestral access, navigating whiteness, and nurturing intercultural spaces with authenticity, equity and grace.
Find out more and register for nourish here:

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

In this Oracle of the Ordinary I share some insights from the season on how to live in the "too muchness" of everything.
From the overflow of nature's bounty to the war in Gaza and throughout the world, to the pending holidays just around the corner, it can be easy to get overwhelmed or just numb to it all.
Is there another option?
Let's see what the natural world might say.
For your own 'too muchness' support this season, check out:
Holy Darkness: An Advent-Solstice-Epiphany Pilgrimage:
Nourish: A Winter Solstice Retreat:

Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Do you feel burned or disillusioned by your faith tradition of origin?
Do you long for meaningful rhythms and rituals around the holidays?
Are you seeking more depth, quietude and companionship on your spiritual path?
This episode is a conversation with Jessica Bittner, a participant of my winter offering: Holy Darkness - An Advent-Solstice-Epiphany Pilgrimage.
She shares about her break from her Christian church and her ensuing spiritual search.  Jessica gives a glimpse of what you might experience as a participant in Holy Darkness, from uncertainty to deep insights. 
We also laugh about Harry Potter bans, fear of the "woo" and all the weird things I get to do as a "priestess on the fringe".
Check out and register for Holy Darkness here:

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

Kate and Autumn Star have been long time peripheral community members with many overlapping orbits but little close contact.  In this chat, Autumn shares about their vision for re-shaping cultures through nurturing relational skills and learning in community.  We talk about navigating the tension between our dreams and 'reality,' the gifts of queerness in change-making, and what turns 'practice' into just the way we live.
About Autumn Star:
"I am a polyamorous, white, non-disabled, Jewish queer. I was born and raised on the traditional land of the Seneca Nation in rural New York and now live on the traditional land of the Puyallup Tribe in Tacoma, Washington. I have a deep bellied laugh and a big smile. I love to grow emotionally and intellectually, individually and with community. My passions include social responsibility, healing work, dance, gathering with community, exploring relational and group dynamics, and visiting the land I grew up on."
Autumn currently practices therapy in Washington state, mostly for families and couples.  They are currently accepting new clients.  Get in touch with Autumn:

Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

Autumn got real real this week in the PNW.
It now feels like midnight at 6pm. The wind has caused power outages. And our unusually late summer came abruptly to an end with the onset of (much needed) rain.
If you live in the northern hemisphere and are going through a seasonal shift in your corner of the world, you'll want to tune into this podcast.
I'll share 3 key survival tips for managing the energetic upheaval of Autumn.
I'll also share WHY living seasonally has become so central to my own well-being and to what I offer.
Learn more and enroll in my winter solstice retreat here:

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

Michelle Thompson, J.D., Ph.D. is the CEO of Resistant Vision Coaching and Consulting.  She helps women lawyers who work extreme hours to prove their prowess, build sustainable careers and earn promotions and raises.
In this genuinely delightful conversation, Michelle and I break down the (simple but not easy) way of pleasure practice, the neuroscience of Emotional Freedom Technique, 'back-door' magic, and connecting self-care with collective care.
Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge as a scholar, lawyer, and coach, as well as someone who has been on her own journey of self-discovery.
Michelle's approach is based on the belief that if you never set boundaries for yourself, you will always be overworking, stuck on the hamster wheel of producing more results, and losing sleep because you're always worried about clients, jobs, or the next deadline (never mind tenure or making partner!) and therefore not enjoying your life and building the community and connection you seek.
With almost 3 decades in law and academia and over 5 years of experience as a professional coach, Michelle helps her clients achieve professional sanity with a variety of embodied techniques that combine left and right brain strategies, from emotional freedom technique (tapping) to strategic planning.
Get in touch with Michelle here: 
Join her upcoming summit here:
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Drawdown Project:
Kiss the Ground (film about draw down):

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

Have you felt bound to a "roller coaster" of a person or situation that you knew wasn't working but you just couldn't get off the ride?
That's how long-time client, community member and friend Heather describes her experience receiving a psychic reading.
"It was really powerful. It was real."
Have a listen to hear about:
~what kind of life situations can really benefit from a reading ~what you DON'T need in order to benefit from one (this might surprise you!) ~some possible immediate and long lasting effects
For more info on psychic readings and to book a session, go here:

Monday Sep 18, 2023

This is a rich and emergent conversation with Priestess School Teaching Team: Najeea Leslie, Nathali Arostegui, and Kate Fontana.
We explore the lessons of container-building, what it means to hold power and co-create community differently, the hazards of embodiment (no one makes it out alive...) and how the yin/feminine is moving through our time.
This is an exploration of many of the themes of Priestess School, and what makes it a different kind of learning space.  You also get a glimpse of us preparing some of our content 'live' -- which may seem a little mundane, but which we've included so you can see an example of how our collaboration is unfolding and how the space is designing itself.
You can still join Priestess School through Friday, Sept 22nd (Equinox!).  Get complete details and register here:

Is Priestess School for You?

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

In this short and sweet chat with Rebuilding the Temple and Priestess School student Mara Eaton, she shares candidly about her relationship with her Christian faith tradition of origin and the season of exploration she finds herself in.  She also shares why she's felt such resonance with these offerings.  You also get an unexpected real-life glimpse into the lives of real people doing the humble work of tending the sacred in ordinary life- which is exactly what a priestess is.
Where do you feel/hear yourself in her story?  Is Priestess School right for you?
Get complete details and enroll here:


Priestess of Ordinary Things

Priestess of Ordinary Things: A podcast for spiritual misfits, modern mystics, and folks of all genders tasked with tending the sacred among and within the everyday mundane.  We talk about practical spirituality, somatics and embodiment; eroticism, ecology, eschatology; vocation, identity, queerness, race and liberative culture-building.  The common thread is resilience, building capacity for the major and subtle daily deaths and ecstasies of life in a body.  My desire is that these conversations might help us learn and practice together how to ‘be in a good way’ with the complex and ever changing web of life of which we humans are a part.

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